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Welcome to an area about to undergo a spectacular transition – giving you the best of two worlds right in the heart of Bodø

Surrounded by fresh sea spray, green parks and a vibrant urban scene, what will soon become the most exciting part of Bodø is taking shape! Molobyen is fast becoming the go-to area for exciting experiences. In touching distance of both spectacular nature and urban living, we’re creating a whole new cultural district with modern apartments.

The first apartments in Molobyen will soon go on sale. Make sure you are among the first people to know as the project when and as the project moves forward, by signing up today.

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Are you looking for a safe and welcoming neighbourhood blessed by its proximity to spectacular nature? Are you equally eager to find a home surrounded by culture, food and experiences in an area full of exciting contrasts? Molobyen will provide all this and more, for people of all ages.

Pulsating urban living? Or the view and the sound of wild waves? You don’t have to choose. You can have both. We really cannot wait to start developing this exciting and contrasting area which will combine some of the best qualities Bodø has to offer. The result will be lively neighbourhoods with homes of different sizes and shapes, in surroundings which offer real choice; activities and urban life on one hand – peace, quiet and a glimpse of the northern lights on the other.

Nature and sustainability – can we make a difference?

We believe we can. Molobyen will not only be a great place to live, but also an attractive area to invest in. We are passionate about creating urban spaces that care for both people and nature. Building something completely new is a huge responsibility. One example is architecture, where the choices we make today will have an impact on all of us, including future generations. We will also make sure we are both energy efficient and climate friendly in everything we do.

Molobyen will be a lively neighbourhood where people, communities and the environment take centre stage. Sign up now to have the chance to be part of it.

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The life between the houses – culture in Molobyen

The town of Bodø is one with a rich cultural scene and an exciting cultural heritage. In Molobyen, dedicated spaces will provide opportunities to invest in, create and play an important part in the town’s unique cultural industry. Through décor, street art, events and art installations, we will breathe life into the whole area. Special attention will be given to facilitating lively and attracting urban spaces during the long and darks days of winter. The project is all about shining a light on the unique history of the area and the new character of Molobyen. Together, urban art and the forces of nature will combine in order to engage and trigger your senses.

An important commodity in Molobyen will be the many and attractive social spaces, providing opportunities to interact and build relationships. Welcoming urban areas such as parks and plazas will be developed and furnished to allow everyone to participate in physical, cultural and social interaction.

Welcome to the new cultural district of Bodø!


What’s going on in Molobyen?

Are you ready to be entertained, inspired or perhaps moved to tears? In Molobyen, there is always a choice of exciting experiences! Find out more about the latest events below:


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