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About Molobyen

The development of Molobyen will provide the town of Bodø with a whole new district containing modern apartments and sustainable urban areas and spaces. Molobyen will appeal to people who want a home within touching distance of both spectacular nature and urban living.

The town of Bodø is one with a rich cultural scene and an exciting cultural heritage. In Molobyen, dedicated spaces will provide opportunities to invest in, create and play an important part in the town’s unique cultural industry. Through décor, street art, events and art installations, we will breathe life into the whole area. Special attention will be given to facilitating lively and attracting urban spaces during the long and darks days of winter. The project is all about shining a light on the unique history of the area and the new character of Molobyen.

An important commodity in Molobyen will be the many and attractive social spaces, providing opportunities to interact and build relationships. Welcoming urban areas such as parks and plazas will be developed and furnished to allow everyone to participate in physical, cultural and social interaction.

Molobyen’s location is unique, with open sea views on one side and Bodø’s most inviting aspects of urban living on the other. You’re practically 5 minutes away from the best things Bodø has to offer.

The new apartments will be located near a large park area, kindergarten, playground, eateries, an urban beach, football pitch, cultural scenes and liberating sea views. Fishing, paddling, cycling, diving and sailing are just some of the activities that nature offers here. If you’re really adventurous tou can bring out the kite-surfing board after work, or what about an icy dip before your morning coffee!

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NETT Dronebilde Molobyen 2 foto drone nord scaled
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