The privacy statement describes what collects and how this information about visitors to our websites is used.


We want to learn what works and what doesn't on our website. By looking at the usage patterns of those who visit the website, we can find out how you who visit our site relate to our content. We use the analysis tool Google Analytics to perform this job.

Google Analytics uses cookies that record users' IP addresses. These can be used to build information about the individual user's movements online. Examples of what the statistics give us answers to are; how many people visit different pages, how long the visit lasts, which websites the users come from and which browsers are used. None of the cookies allows us to link information about your use of the website to you as an individual. Data related to cookies are automatically deleted 14 months after registration. You can manage the use of cookies yourself.

The information collected by Google Analytics is stored on Google's servers in the United States. Information received is subject to the Google Privacy Policy.

An IP address is defined as a personal data because it can be traced back to a specific hardware and thus to an individual. Therefore, we anonymize the user's IP address before the information is stored and processed by Google. The anonymised IP address can therefore not be used to identify the individual user.

Your IP address is also logged for a short period of time by our web servers. The user's IP address, time, URL, HTTP status, number of bytes sent, HTTP referrer and HTTP user agent are logged for 60 days. Then the log is deleted automatically.


We use cookies to give you more relevant ads. We never send personal data to the marketing tools. To deliver more relevant ads to you, we base parts of our ads on which pages you have visited with us. You can make changes to how you receive such ads yourself.

We use the following tools to deliver ads:


Cookies are used in operating and presenting data from websites. Such cookies may contain information about the language code of the language selected by the user. There may be cookies with information that supports the load balancing of the system so that all users are guaranteed the best possible experience. For services that require login or search, cookies may be used that ensure that the service presents data to the right recipient.


We use forms on the website, to get in touch and take orders. By filling out the forms on this website, you agree that your submitted data will be collected and stored.


Everyone who asks has the right to basic information about how a company processes personal data. In this statement, we discuss what information we collect and how it is used. All inquiries regarding privacy / personal information can be directed to


At you can read about how to set your browser to accept / reject cookies, and get tips for safer use of the internet.

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